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Hadley Says

The Reality For Same Sex Partner Visa Applicants in Hong Kong

August 22nd, 2012

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Unfortunately, Hong Kong immigration policy does not recognize same sex partners so there is no possibility of securing dependant visas for gay partners who are trailing their loved ones to Hong Kong when there is a transfer here from overseas for employment or otherwise business investment.

However, the Hong Kong Immigration Department are not without heart and are fully aware of the need for same sex partners to continue their lives together in Hong Kong and do afford extended visitor visa permissions, with reentry facilities, to those partners who have cohabitated prior to relocating to the HKSAR.

In order to qualify for such immigration permissions the couple need to demonstrate they are in a loving committed relationship of some standing, have shared their lives together for at least a few years and, ideally, that their relationship has been recognized  by governmental agencies in the country where they presently live, or have lived previously.

Whilst the prolonged visitor visa issued is only a ‘slippers and pipe’ visa (meaning no entitlement to work, study or join in a business) it will allow same sex couples to be together and provides a foothold in Hong Kong for the trailing partner to explore other residence visa  possibilities over time.

Not ideal – but not entirely bad either!

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