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Can I Actually Submit a Hong Kong Same Sex Partner Visa Application Via the Extension of Stay Process These Days?

April 18th, 2017

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Hong Kong same sex partner visa application – changes as to how ImmD consider extension of stay applications effectively mean that same sex partner visa applications need to be submitted on an entry visa basis using form ID1003 A/B and not via the ID91.



First, can you please clarify what form/s should be submitted when applying for the same-sex partner prolonged visitor visa? I’m currently in Hong Kong, but was met with confusion when I tried to submit ID91 at Immigration Tower today.

They kept saying “you already have 90 days, no need for extension!” Should I be submitting forms ID1003A and/or ID1003B instead?

Second, could you please give me some advice on how to ensure immigration will accept my documents?

For example- if I submit 1003A/B on the 2nd floor, should I specifically say “same-sex partner prolonged visitor visa” or something else?

Like I said before, I met some resistance in my first attempt today and want to be prepared when I return.

Many thanks!

(PS – I’m a Canadian passport holder and have otherwise followed all the instructions you’ve posted.)

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